Trailblazers for Tomorrow

ALDFG Collection and Community Engagement Program

Introducing our partner, Youth-Friendly Standards. Founded in 2017, the Environment and Food Foundation (E2F) has dedicated the past years to bridging the gap between environmental conservation and human wellbeing. Its mission is to halt and reverse the alarming threats facing marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems by collaborating with indigenous and local communities (IPLC), youth, and women.


Uniting Communities for Ocean Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture

An initiative dedicated to the meticulous curation and active involvement of individuals in marine conservation and sustainable agriculture endeavors


Dedicated to active involvement in marine conservation and sustainable agriculture, ALDFG fosters innovation to safeguard oceans and promote sustainable practices. With tailored curriculum, field surveys, data analysis, and community engagement, join us on a journey of discovery and impact.

Location: Cameroon